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Physiotherapy Registration in New Zealand

There are many pathways to get registered as a physiotherapist in new Zealand. Registration is done on an individual basis. This means that two people may graduate from the same physiotherapy school but not both can get New Zealand registration through the same way.

The best course of action is to go through the registration requirements as stipulated on the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand website. The Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand is the best resource with accurate information for overseas trained physiotherapists wanting to register in New Zealand.

Having New Zealand physiotherapy registration is the first step and the most important of all for those wanting to practice as physiotherapists in New Zealand. However, there are also a few more steps that follow. These include the following:

  • Getting an Annual Practising Certificate, also commonly called APC, (as shown on the right side)
  • Applying for a job and acing your interviews
  • Using evidence from the job offer and the APC to apply for a work visa or direct New Zealand Residence Visa
It is important to know that it is almost impossible to get a physiotherapy job in New Zealand if you don't have a New Zealand registration.

At MasinaRehab we take pride in our experienxce through the processes as well as through working in New Zealand to help overseas trained physiotherapists get a headstart in New Zealand.

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Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand APC

An APC is what authorises you to practice. Once you register, the next step is to obtain an APC

Applying for a job and acing your interviews

It is important to know that even though there is an acute shortage of physiotherapists in New Zealand, companies are looking for high quality professionals.

This means that you must demonstrate your professionalism as well as an understanding of the role you're applying for.

During the interview, it is important to be very clear of who you are and what you're looking for. You don't have to present yourself as someone desperate who just wants to get out of their country. This will reduce your chances of getting a better deal.

Are you preparing for an interview with a New Zealand employer, contact us here today so that we can prepare you for the best.

About us. Get to know who we are

We are physiotherapists who have been through the processes to get ourselves started in this beautiful country. Our experience varies from the public hospitals, academia, private sector as well as management.

We understand what it takes to get through this laborious process of obtaining New Zealand physiotherapy registration. We offer free professional guidance, mentorship and connections for overseas trained physiotherapists to get jobs in New Zealand.

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